Off Grid Homes

Richard DeBusman, has a 10 year head start on the path to net zero energy and a vast amount of experience to share. He taught high school construction trades in Wasilla for 20 years and built the first 5 star plus home in Alaska. A founder of the Alaska Craftsman Home Program and ACAT, Richard has built energy efficient homes in Wasilla, Homer, Hawaii and California. His first off-grid home was in Sadie Cove, near Seldovia. His current Net Zero Energy home is a very impressive straw bale house powered by solar and wind located in an off grid community near Yosemite, California.

Victor Guillot, owner, CEO, Sol Sierra, Inc. Solar Energy Systems is a NABCEP certified solar installer. He has certifications and expertise in PV Solar System design and integration, solar well pumps, inverter technology, data monitoring, off-grid battery systems, and design and construction of unique solar array structures.

George Menard, owner, InverTech Alaska, has 25 years of experience in designing, selling and installing alternative energy systems in Alaska. Systems range from small 12 volt only micro systems to whole house hybrid solar PV/wind/generator systems providing 100% of household electrical power requirements in mostly off-grid application and some utility grid-tie interconnect sites. Many of these systems have been operating, mostly remote off-grid, for 20 years.