September workshop: Intro to 6-Star Rating

Sept. 27-28 workshop:

Intro to Alaska’s New 6-Star Energy Rating for Homes

Scott Waterman, with Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC), will present details on a significant addition to the Alaska building energy rating system – the new 6-star energy rating. The 6-star rating is an exciting addition to the popular energy rating system and it’s important to homeowners and builders in Alaska. Scott will discuss the new 6-star rating in detail, and how it works with the state’s $10,000 energy rebate. We all know building more energy efficient homes and making our existing homes more energy efficient is smart business, especially in Alaska’s cold climate. Come learn more about the 6-star rating, how to use it to take your home to an even higher level of energy efficiency, and get financial help from the state to do it.  **This workshop qualifies for 4 CEU credits for residential endorsement.** More info: or 229.1982

Sept. 27, 2013 • 1pm-5pm
Alaska Pacific University – Carr-Gottstein Building Room #102, Anchorage

Sept. 28, 2013 | 1pm-5pm
Mat-Su College, FSM #202, Palmer

COST: $30 for ACAT members |$60 for non-ACAT members | Additional fee for CEU credits of $20/credit


The 6-star rating can add infinitely to the energy rating process, so buildings can be financed to an even higher level of energy efficiency, ultimately including Net Zero Energy (NZE) or even to produce a surplus of energy (NZE+). This workshop is important for builders and homeowners to understand the new 6-star rating. It will compare the home certification process for AHFC’s current 5-star homes with the new rating for 6-star homes. How will the energy consuming features compare and what may the AKWARM modeling look like. Since 85% of the energy used in current Alaska homes is for heating, we need to model and address details in the thermal envelope and learn how this certification and energy rating will be done.

  • Introduction to Alaska Housing Finance Corporation’s new 6-Star rating and energy model comparisons
  • How Net Zero Energy Buildings fit into the 6-Star rating
  • How alternative energy systems are addressed by the 6-Star rating
  • How heat recovery, thermal storage and wood heat are addressed by the 6-Star rating
  • How AHFC’s $10,000 grant incentive for 6-Star will apply to builders


Scott Waterman, Alaska State Energy Program Manager
Scott_Waterman_FORWEBScott Waterman is the Alaska State Energy Program Manager with AHFC. His background includes aviation electronics, journalism, public and commercial radio, energy efficient construction, and real estate sales,

Scott has 20+ years experience in energy efficiency applications in buildings, manages the State Energy Program, the AK Home Energy Rating program,  the public facilities revolving loan fund, oversees energy efficiency training programs, works with weatherization, energy efficiency and renewables, and other energy issues. He has built two energy efficient homes for himself, helped design a home using minimal fossil fuels, and speaks occasionally on energy issues.

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