April Workshops: Your Path to Net Zero Energy

Net Zero Energy homes produce as much energy as they use. Join architect Jason Collins for a workshop on bringing together the parts of the Path to Net Zero on your own project. We’ll look at the basic concept of net zero, and how building envelope, heating loads, electric loads, and renewable energy can work together. This workshop will consist of a series of exercises with spreadsheets to help you plan your own project **This workshop qualifies for 6 CEU credits for residential endorsement.** More info: sjnowers@mtaonline.net or 229.1982


April 12, 2013 • 10am-4:30pm
Wisdom & Associates office, 2217 E Tudor Rd #5, Anchorage
April 13, 2013 | 9:30am-4:30pm
Agate Inn, Wasilla


COST: $40 for ACAT members |$80 for non-ACAT members | Additional fee for CEU credits of $20/credit


Morning Session:

Review of Individual Project Information
Basic project size, type of building, construction, goals, and plans for renewables
Building Envelope & Insulation
Insulation design and comparison of levels of insulation for different size homes
Heating System Requirements
Heating System sizing based on insulation design. Types of heating systems

Lunch Break/ Questions and Answers

Afternoon Session:

Heating System – Design
Renewable Energy Systems, Solar Thermal, Wood, appropriate sizing.
Electrical Demands
Calculation of planned electrical usage. Determine daily and annual usage.
Electrical – Renewable Systems Design
Sizing of renewable electric system based on demand. On grid vs. battery back-up.
Overall Review, Questions and Answers
Review of overall picture of insulation, heating


Jason Collins, AIA LEED AP

Jason is a registered Architect, a certified Energy Rater and a USGBC LEED Accredited Professional living in Palmer, Alaska. He has been practicing in the field of Architecture for over 12 years with 7 years of projects in the Mat-Su Valley. He has a broad range of experience in project scales ranging from full campus master planning, to large-scale new construction, to small renovations. Much of his focus has been on environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient design and construction. He has worked on two LEED projects in Alaska. In 2008, Jason formed Collins Architecture + Energy Conservation LLC to provide residential architectural services as well as energy ratings. Since then he has been providing residential energy ratings through the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation program. He has also been working with non-profit organizations and church groups to perform commercial energy audits to help them reduce their capital operating expenses.