2012-14 ARCHIVES

Did you miss ACAT’s series of presentations by local and national speakers on the Path to Net Zero Energy? You can download the presentation information and the PowerPoint documents presented.

Some files are very large…..be patient. Thorsten Chlupp’s pdf is 130 slides and depending on your download connection it can take 10 minutes to download….

November 2014: Intro to Net Zero for Cold Climates

Presenters: Mark Masteller and Jason Collins,

Net Zero Energy (NZE) homes are a growing market nationwide with hundreds of NZE homes being built every year, and contractors now offering an NZE option for their customers. Attended learned more about this emerging market nationwide as well as heard case studies of projects in Alaska and got an overview of some of the basic design and construction strategies for Alaska for achieving very low and/or net zero energy (NZE) use in both new construction and retrofit projects.

Download presentations: Intro to NZE_Masteller.pdf
Masteller Case Study_NetZeroReady_Garage and Living Space.pdf
Navigating Path to Net Zero JasonCollins.pdf

April 2014: Getting to Net Zero Effectively in Production & Custom Homes

Presenter: R. Carter Scott, Transformation Inc.

Net Zero Energy homes produce as much energy as they use. Massachusetts-based Net Zero Energy builder R. Carter Scott and his company Transformations, Inc. have been featured in Fine HomeBuilding Magazine and Solar Today for their work building Net Zero Energy communities that produce as much energy as they use. Join us for this workshop with Carter to hear what he has done and cover the basics of “Getting to Zero Energy” in a cold climate for builders and homeowners.

Download presentation: Alaska Pathways to Net Zero Transformations.pdf

March 2014 Webinar: Peter Amerongen on Zero Energy Building’s Affordability and Future

Presenter: Peter Amerongen, President of Habitat Studio and Workshop, Ltd.

How does a homebuilder build a Net Zero Energy or Net Zero Energy ready home? Many of the details can be addressed in design and having the right design team. Peter covered how to achieve high building efficiency so that a small unit heater or new options like mini split heat pumps can be used in this workshop targeted at professional homebuilders.

Download presentation: Net Zero Energy in Very Cold Climates_Amerongen.pdf

Feb. 2014 : How To Wrap It Up with REMOTE WALLS

Presenter: Margaret Subers, Alaska Energy Assessments

Instructor Margaret Subers led this hands-on workshop that taught the basics of building super-insulated homes and include building a small-scale REMOTE Wall.

Download presentation: REMOTE_Manual from CCHRC.pdf

Jan. 2014: Building High Efficiency Homes

Presenter: Matt Oster, Red Edge Design

Matt discussed his own home retrofit and how Passive House design and energy modeling can be used to make existing and new homes far more energy efficient and durable, including Net Zero Energy homes. Details covered included wall assemblies, insulation, moisture, thermal bridges and more.

Download presentation:
High Efficiency Homes_MattOster_Jan2014(.pdf)

Nov. 2, 2013 Practical Solutions to Building NZE in Alaska

Presenters: Thorsten Chlupp, Reina LLC & Prudence Ferreira

Fairbanks builder Thorsten Chlupp and Passive House expert Prudence Ferreira gave this workshop on Nov. 2, 2013 in Wasilla at the Agate Inn. The workshop looked at Passive House modelling and Net Zero Energy (NZE) building in Alaska.  Thorsten discussed his experiences building and living in NZE homes in Alaska, covered practical lessons, and the both presenters discussed the limitations and solutions for Passive House and Zero Energy buildings in the heating-dominated climate of Alaska.

Download Presentation:
Building NZE_Nov.2013 (.pdf)

Click here to watch video of the presentation ($10 charge)

May 4, 2013: Passive & Rammed Earth Homes in AK

Speaker: Dan Duame, Executive Director, Aleutian Housing Authority (AHA)

Dan discussed two prototype projects AHA is working on aimed at developing high performance affordable housing models for replication in the Aleutian region. Both models are being designed to meet Living Building Challenge and Passive House standards (which includes net-zero energy). One is a super-efficient home in Sand Point. The other is a home being built in the Butte exploring the option of utilizing the high thermal mass benefits of Stabilized Rammed Earth (SRE) for all structural elements of the building, a construction technique never before tried in Alaska.

Download presentation:
Passive and Rammed Earth Homes_Duame (.pdf)

April 13, 2013: Navigating Your Path to Net Zero Energy

Speaker: Jason Collins

A guide to the concept of net zero and how building envelope, heating loads, electric loads, and renewable energy can work together. The workshop consisted of a series of exercises with spreadsheets for planning your own project

Download presentation:
Navigating Path to Net Zero-20130412_Jason_Collins

March 16, 2013: Solar Thermal Systems

Rich Seifert, Professor Emeritus, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Kerry Gronewold, President, Alascorp
Dr. Fred Milder & Claudia Pavel, Solar Logic

This one-day workshop covered solar thermal design principles and installation techniques for domestic hot water and solar combi-systems for new and retrofit applications. Control system technology for integrating renewable energy, conventional heat sources and all loads was also covered along with the benefits of remote monitoring, control, diagnosis and reporting. designed for individuals and professionals interested in solar water and space heating installation.

Download Presentation:
WHAT WORKS- Solar Presentation_Kerry_Gronewold
SolarLogic ACAT presentation_MilderPavel_SolarLogic

SolarOverview_Rich_Seifert_Chapters 1,2,4 of Solar Design Manual

Feb. 9, 2013: Net Zero Energy Design for Cold Climates

Sonja Winkelmann, Executive Director, Net Zero Energy Coalition
Tom Marsik, Asst. Professor Sustainable Energy, UAF Bristol Bay Campus
Harvey Bowers, ACAT NZE Project Leader:

Net Zero Energy (NZE) Buildings are homes and businesses that generate as much energy as they use. This workshop provided an overview of Net Zero Energy building nationwide as well as case studies from within Alaska of retrofit and new construction using Net Zero Energy techniques.

Download Presentation:
2013-02 – ACAT – Fairbanks retrofit_Marsik
Net Zero Ready Home_2013_Tom_Marsik
Thermal Remodeling_2013_HarveyBowers
February 2013_Winkelmann

Jan. 12, 2013: High Efficiency Wood Stoves & Masonry Heaters

Speakers: Mark Masteller, ACAT Board President & Mike Jefferies, Northeat Inc. President

A look at high efficiency wood stoves, masonry and pellet heaters, and boilers. This workshop covered sizing, design, operation, emissions & more.

Download Presentation(.pdf)

Nov. 10, 2012: Navigating Your Path to Net Zero Energy

Speaker: Jason Collins

A guide to the concept of net zero and how building envelope, heating loads, electric loads, and renewable energy can work together. The workshop consisted of a series of exercises with spreadsheets for planning your own project

View the Powerpoint Presentation in PDF format here

Solar Thermal and Storage Systems

Speaker: Serge Adamian

View the PowerPoint Presentation in pdf format here
Presentation Information

Alaska Greenhouse and the Challenge to Eat Local

Speaker: Matt Oster and Saskia Esslinger

View the PowerPoint Presentation in pdf format here
Presentation Information

Passiv Haus Window & Door Detailing

Speaker: Bronwyn Barry

Passiv Haus is an international standard for building construction approaching net zero. Bronwyn is a designer and window specialist for super-insulated construction. She currently works with Passiv Haus US and presents detailing for windows in super-insulated construction. She previously worked for Quantum Builders for Sustainable Living in Berkeley, California, heading the Window Sales division for two lines of German windows: Sorpetaler and Enersign.

View the Powerpoint Presentation in PDF format for Introduction to Passiv Haus . PowerPoint Presentation in PDF format for Detailing Information.

Alaska’s First Net Zero Energy Homes Performance Update

Speaker: Thorsten Chlupp, Reina, LLC

An update on the homes Thorsten has built in Fairbanks, heating with solar thermal.

View the Powerpoint Presentation in PDF format here

ECO Sense Homes

Speakers: Ann and Gord Baird

Eco-Sense is North America’s FIRST code-approved seismically engineered load bearing insulated cob house featuring:

solar PV and wind power
grid intertie
solar thermal heating
rainwater harvesting from a living roof
composting toilet
grey water reuse
passive solar design

This is the first home to meet several of the “petals” of the rigorous Living Building Challenge green building standard.

View the Powerpoint Presentation in PDF format here

Solar Thermal Design & Installation Review

Speaker: Harvey Bowers, ACAT Project Leader, Path to Net Zero Energy Series

  • Review design options for solar thermal domestic hot water and heating systems.
  • Discuss your plans for equipment, siting, controls and storage option

View the Powerpoint Presentation in PDF format here