November 4, 2017 Getting to Zero Energy: Zeroing Your Electric Bill

This is a great primer on how to reduce your electric use in your home. Architect and energy auditor Jason Collins covered how to zero out your electric bill. He started by looking at plug loads, lighting and appliances and also covered heating, phantom loads and finally off  power use with solar power.
PRESENTER: Jason Collins
PRESENTATION: 20171104-ACAT-Zero Your Electric Bill(.pdf)

May 6, 2017 Heat Pumps for Alaska Webinar

Heat pumps, which efficiently heat homes using electricity, are an option Alaskan contractors builders, businesses and homeowners should know about. In Maine, more than 17,000  heat pumps have been installed in the past 3 years saving homeowners thousands of dollars in heating costs in locations down to minus 15 degrees. Hear about Maine’s experience and learn about the installation, economics, and operation of this well-established, technology from people currently using heat pumps in Alaska.


*HEAT PUMP CALCULATOR (.XLS)  This simplified calculator allows you to plug in your local electric and fuel prices to see if air source heat pumps might be right for your home.

Dana Fischer, Efficiency Maine
Bruno Grunau, Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC)
Ingemar Matthiason, NW Arctic Borough
Eric Hanssen, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC)

DANA FISCHER_ ASHP Insight from Maine (.pdf)
ERIC HANSSEN_GSHP Presentation (.pdf)
INGEMAR_MATTTHIASON  Heat-pumps (.pdf)

March 24, 2017 Brewing up Zero Energy Homes in Alaska

Fairbanks Mayor Karl Kassel and Bruno Grunau, of the Cold Climate Housing Research Center, talk about their Fairbanks homes which have a fraction of the energy bills of a typical home. Their presentations discussed the building costs, building techniques, and what they have seen in savings on their electric and heating bills as well as the additional comfort they have experienced from living in a Net Zero Energy and Zero Energy Ready home. Last year, Kassel, who serves as mayor for the Fairbanks North Star paid just $250 to heat and light the 1,800 square-foot home he shares with his wife. Grunau spent just $1,500 last year on utilities for his family’s 1,450 square-foot home, less than a fifth of the typical Fairbanks energy bill. Neither are into living in cramped, uncomfortable homes. Rather they are part of a growing number of Alaskans coupling smart energy efficient building techniques with renewable energy systems to create Zero Energy or near Zero Energy homes that are not only light on energy bills but more comfortable and healthy to live in. Thank you to Alaska Housing Financing Corporation for their support of this event!

MARK MASTELLER, Alaska Center for Appropriate Technology
BRUNO GRUNAU, Cold Climate Housing Research Center
KARL KASSEL, Fairbanks North Star Borough

ACAT NZE Homes Intro_Mark_Masteller
Keystone House Presentation — Bruno_Grunau
Sunset Roost 3.0_Karl Kassel