2020 Workshop Archives

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May 6, 2020 Lithium-Ion Battery

Presenter Tony SlatonBarker, (VP of Energy & Sustainability at Coffman Engineers) talked about the different use and performance aspects of lithium-ion batteries. The full webinar can be found on ACAT’s Vimeo page at: https://vimeo.com/416214622

PRESENTER: Tony SlatonBarker, VP of Energy & Sustainability at Coffman Engineers

Lithium-Ion Battery presentation_Tony_SlatonBarker (.pdf)

April 22, 2020 Electric Vehicle & e-Bikes in Alaska Webinar

Presenters Sam Dennis (Tesla owner and COO of Renewable IPP) and Alan Mitchell (e-Bike owner, ACAT Board member and Analysis North owner) gave a webinar presentation on  Electric Vehicles and e-Bikes in Alaska that covered winter performance, battery range, costs, industry trends and charging options. The full webinar can be found on ACAT’s Vimeo page at: https://vimeo.com/411306551

PRESENTERS: Sam Dennis, COO of Renewable IPP and Alan Mitchell, Owner of Analysis North

Electric Bikes in Alaska, Alan Mitchell (.pdf) 

Electric Vehicle Presentation, Sam Dennis (.pdf)

Feb. 28, 2020 Air Sealing for High Performance Homes

Achieving high performance tight homes is a process not a result. Air sealing starts at the framing and is carried through the construction process in careful detailing of air barrier joints following manufacture installation manuals for the different air barrier materials used. This class covered code requirements vs. high performance home programs requirements and how air sealing is achieved for each level of performance. Resource guides and industry checklists were also reviewed and discussed.

PRESENTER: Emmett Leffel, owner of AK Thermal Imaging

Residential Air Sealing-2020, Emmett Leffel, Alaska Thermal Imaging (.pdf)

Feb. 7, 2020 High Efficiency Building Techniques for Cold Climates 

This all-day workshop included a hands-on site visit to a local home and provide an in-depth look at high efficiency building techniques for new and retrofit construction in cold climates. Presenters Rick and Donald Proven, of Sun Certified Builders Cooperative Limited in Winnipeg, Canada, discussed their techniques including the use of cellulose insulation and Larsen trusses in new build and retrofit design. Additional info about Sun Certified building techniques can be found in this CBC video and Climate Change Connection video on a Passive House retrofit and on their website.

PRESENTERS: Rick and Donald Proven, Sun Certified Builders Cooperative Ltd.

PRESENTATION: High Efficiency Building Techniques for Climates(.pdf)

POSTER: Montague Wall Section Diagram (.pdf)