Jan. 25, 2019 Commissioning High Efficiency & Net Zero Energy Homes

Instructor Emmett Leffel gave an in-depth review on what needs to be and what can be commissioned in a residential home. Systems covered included domestic hot water, heating systems, ventilation systems, and the air barrier systems. He also focused on advanced levels of commissioning based on higher level energy efficient standards where system performance is critical. Additionally discussed were more complex strategies targeted at available technology such as thermal imaging, building diagnostics, and testing and balancing along with methods of measuring performance such as monitoring of indoor air quality and electrical usage monitoring to identifying specific conditions and issues effecting performance, comfort and the health of a home. The instructor’s resources were pulled from multiple auditing disciplines from his years as a BEES Energy Rater, LEED Green Rater, Air Barrier Auditor and BPI Building Analyst in the State of Alaska and encourage audience members to ask questions and share examples.

PRESENTATER: Emmett Leffel

PRESENTATION: Residential Commissioning (.pdf)