2011-12 ARCHIVES

Did you miss ACAT’s series of presentations by local and national speakers on the Path to Net Zero Energy? You can download the presentation information and the PowerPoint documents presented.Click on the presentation title for the details.  Click on the speaker names for their PowerPoint PDF files.

Advanced Lighting

Clanton Lighting Design Alaska Style

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Alaska’s First NZE Homes

Thorsten Chlupp

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Canadian Net Zero Energy Homes


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NZE Homes

Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable Building Materials

Other Solar Links


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Designing the Net Zero Energy Building

Building Envelope

Mechanical Systems

Net Zero Energy Retrofit


Third Party Verification of NZE status

Rob Dumont’s Passive Haus

Commercial Buildings

Collins – Commercial Building Energy Efficiency

Electric Storage

Beuttner – Electric Vehicles

Willmon – Energy Efficiency & NetZero

Eayrs – Thermal Solar Systems in Alaska

Green Building Codes

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David Eisenberg

LED Transformations

 Jack Curran

Off Grid Homes

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DeBusman – Pathways to NZE

DeBusman – Thermal Shell Efficiency

Guillot – Solar Energy

Menard – Utilizing Independent Power Systems

Bowers – Solar Thermal

lumenHAUS Solar House

         Wheeler – lumenHAUS Solar Decathlon Winner

Wrap it up – Remote Wall

 Margaret Subers – Remote Wall system (.pdf)